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Sad lonely womanHow a Personal Retreat Can Help Get You Through Feelings of Loneliness

Most of my clients, friends, people I know, including myself, have had moments of loneliness or feelings of separation. Living alone, spending a lot of time alone, breaking up with a partner, or a situation that triggers old wounding can bring up feelings of being all alone.

My mother died when I was 26, six months after my divorce. My father immediately upon my mother’s death pulled away and immersed himself in his addiction, alcohol, leaving me just as if he had also died. My feelings of loneliness were overwhelming. To this day, when certain situations happen, these feelings of total separation and aloneness get triggered. Before learning this work, I would just suffer with the feelings, medicate them, stuff them and go on. The feelings wouldn’t lay dormant for long before they would be right back scratching on my open wounds again.

This is where a personal retreat would help you to identify your wounding, learn how to be with the feelings, transform the old belief so you don’t have to medicate the feelings. If we don’t understand ourselves or do our personal and psychological work to move through our wounding, we will spend our whole lives running from our feelings, which in turn leads to medicating them so we don’t feel the intensity of the pain.

I teach people in my personal retreats how to get to know them selves, shift their old beliefs and heal the wounding. Do you know people in your life that seem to always be suffering? Taking the same actions over and over and ending up right were they started? The only way to actually move forward is to do the work required to shift the old limiting beliefs we created as children. If we don’t, we will be one of those people walking in a circle, going nowhere.

I know what my path is. Do you?

I want to evolve so that I can show up for my family, friends, the world and myself in a loving way, through my heart. When we live in our hearts, we make a difference in the world. When I live through my old belief system, not only do I suffer, but the actions I may take will also create suffering in others.

If you would like to work through your past wounding, create new beliefs to live a more authentic, loving life, please take advantage of my schedule for a FREE consult HERE to talk about what retreat is right for you.


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