Making the changes in our life to keep moving forward! How to Change Things That Aren't Working in Your Life

The entire process in my personal retreats and mentoring have to do with changing your behaviors that don’t seem to be working for you in your life. If we continue to do the same things that aren’t working for us, we will continue to have our life play out the same way. Have you ever seen Groundhog Day? This is exactly what I’m talking about.

There are certain things that we notice in our life that just simply aren’t working for us. When we notice they aren’t working for us because of how we feel. The feelings are an indicator that something needs to shift inside of us. This is when it is a good time to be self reflective, to go inside and explore the feelings so that we know what action to take so that were not reactive.

One of two things can happen when these feelings come up, the first one could be reacting without thinking about the issue and the second one is that the feelings paralyze us and we don’t take action. The first one we may do something that we regret, the second one we will do nothing. In both cases a positive shift will not happen. This is why it is important to find that balance in the middle, which is just being with the feelings, understanding them, and taking the action that will actually shift the beliefs to make a positive change.

The beauty about change is that when we make even a small change, we will notice things changing around us. I noticed this when I work with clients in my retreats or mentoring, that they start making changes and their family dynamics completely shift, it’s so fun to watch. I have seen this many times with my clients.

It’s a good thing to write down what things aren’t working in your life and look at how you might be able to change the situations, while also looking at your feelings around the situation and shifting old patterns.

In all of my retreats, whether it be, the individual intensivemother-daughter, or the couples retreat you will learn how to recognize your inner child, love yourself, shift these old beliefs and show up differently in the world.

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