How can you stay calm in this world of total chaos? Learn How to Stay Calm in a World with Chaos Through a Individual Retreat

How do we maintain a sense of calm in a world of unrest? The world is pretty chaotic right now and it’s important for us to maintain an inner calm so we don’t add to the chaos.  Something I have noticed with what’s going on politically is that even the spiritually balanced people seem to be getting extremely upset.

Have you ever been around someone that no matter what the situation holds they maintain an inner peace that makes everyone around them feel less anxious? It’s important to go inward and find out why we are taking what ever it is outside of us personally and therefore creating chaos inside of ourselves. If we can figure out how to stay calm and chaotic times it will help us to function better in turmoil.

It is our inner-chatter of our ego minds that throw us off balance with every piece of disturbing news that comes our way. When we listen to our ego mind it puts us in a very emotional state, which makes our thoughts very unreliable. The thoughts from our lower mind are all fear-based. So when we hear things on the news we immediately go into fear with our ego chattering and then we become off-balance.

The idea is to find our stillness through our higher minds through all situations that cause volatile emotions. When we find this place inside of us, this inner knowing that all is well, we provide a safe place for friends and family. Being around people that find that still place inside them selves is very comforting.

Most of the time these unsettling feelings come from feeling out of control. So part of coming back into balance and letting go is surrendering to what is and realizing we don’t have to control everything. Actually we have little control over anything. Besides doing your inner work around how you feel it’s always good to continue to meditate, Journal and read spiritual books that always helps us come back to ourselves.

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