What does surrendering look like to you?Learning How to Surrender in a Sedona Retreat

In my Sedona Retreat you will learn how to response from a place of pease and not react from your ego mind. Have you ever heard the phrase “That which you resist persists?” When we resist we actually strengthen what we are opposing. We give power to the very thing we are trying to get away from.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the same issue we have, keeps coming back over and over no matter how much we pretend like it’s not there. Or maybe it’s because we are pushing up against that issue that keeps returning. So not only does what we resist gain strength and power but the resistance keeps us from learning what we are intended to learn from the experience.

We have two different paths we can take when something comes into our energetic field that makes us being resistance. The first one is allowing our unconscious mind to translate what’s happening in the outer world, listening to our ego mind and act out of what it tells us to do. For a short moment we have relief but then end up feeling bad and anxious.

The second way is to pause, take a deep breath, watch our thoughts, let go of the story of our thoughts, let the thoughts pass, allow the feelings to arise, let the feelings pass and respond in a non-triggered way.

The latter of these two examples allows us to heal what we are resisting; where-as the first option keeps it coming back. In my individual Sedona retreat you will learn how to take each experience in your life and surrender and heal by making better choices and not resisting.

Surrendering is all about slowing down, pausing, breathing and paying attention to what our storyline is and realizing it’s our ego mind and not to act out of it. If we are on autopilot daily and not paying attention to our thoughts, we will get triggered and act out. Most people don’t even realize how much the reacting and not responding through surrendering. This is why coming to my Sedona retreat will help you maintain a place of calm and peace.

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