Letting Go of Regret and Sorrow in a Sedona RetreatHow often are you having regret and would like to learn about it in a Sedona Retreat?

How many things in your life can you look back on a say “If I would have done that differently, it would have been way better?” If you would have sold your house a year earlier, bought investment property when the market was low, communicated better on a previous relationship, or maybe not spent money on a certain item. The list can go on and on.

When we live in regret we are living in the past. It doesn’t leave room for being in the present moment at all. It is tough enough to have enough energy to be here in this moment without constantly having the past nag us. If we are always giving energy to a past experience, we won’t have much to give to the present moment.

Forgiveness is key to letting go of regret. If we can forgive others and our selves, we won’t have anything to regret. Forgiving our self for not knowing about the market to make better financial decisions, forgiving our self for our communication skills not being the best and understand that we are human, living in an unpredictable life. Always giving ourselves some leeway to make mistakes and learn from them, knowing we will.

This way regret looks different. It looks more like gratitude for a learning to move forward in a more conscious way in the future. We can see it differently. Instead of something that happened that was bad, it could be an experience to teach us. Once we have learned from it, we can go on to help others learn from similar situations.

I think it’s important to always be looking at what our mind is telling us. Usually it is her mind that is caught up in regret. In my Sedona retreat you will learn how to forgive, how to eliminate regret and how to live in the present moment. By keeping our mind in this moment and not in the past or the future allows us to have enough energy for our physical and emotional healing and well being in this moment.

If you are looking for a way to see life differently through the eyes of your higher self,become more empowered and let go of regret, Check out my Sedona Soul Retrieval Retreat or give me a call or Click HERE to schedule your free consult. Or call me at 928-300-0447

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