In a Sedona Soul Retreat you can see how pain might be your teacher.

Is both emotional and physical pain a reminder to slow down, pay attention and look at what is going on in our life? It’s interesting how with both physical and emotional pain we immediately go to this place of making it stop. We are a culture of looking at the symptom and fixing it. Instead of going inside and looking at why we have this emotional or physical pain.

If we look at what Louise Hay says about a headache, invalidating the self, self-criticism or fear, then instead of rushing to take aspirin to relieve the headache we may want to go a little deeper into the underlying reasons. Another interesting thing she says is abut coughing being a desire to bark at the world “See me! Listen to me!”

This gives us insight into why we might get headaches or why we might be coughing or any other illness that we have physically. And when it comes to our emotional pain we also want to run from it and not feel it. But our emotional pain gives us insight into what wounding we have that needs to be healed. If we are extremely sad because we just had a breakup with her partner we might not want to mask these feelings with staying busy, drinking or otherwise medicating. We may want to go into what our true feelings are which may be feeling separate, lonely, or not connected to source or ourselves.

I remember when I broke up with a partner; I had such a feeling of aloneness, of being separate and detached. I realized that I had been feeling this most of my life because of my childhood. Instead of running from these feelings and filling my days with anything to not feel it, I decided to sit with it and feel it and love and embrace it. I moved through the feelings of not being connected to source and came out feeling a deep connection.

It’s so important when we have physical aliments or emotional feelings to go inward and to see what they are trying to tell us. I find this so important to do. It might be a good idea to journal about it. If you have a spiritual teacher she may be able to help you understand this deeper.

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