How to use my life as my spiritual Guru!My Spiritual Guru Is Life

At one point in my life I thought I wanted a Guru to help me with my spiritual guidance. Even though I have a teacher that holds me accountable, I have come to realize that life experiences are my true teachers and guru.

If I treat life experiences like the opportunities that they are to grow and expand my development, my growth could literally be constant. I’m always amazed at how life shows up for me perfectly to learn what I need to learn for my evolution. Every situation that occurs could be a chance to for me to shift my awareness and learn. There are many opportunities throughout the day where I am given the opportunity to explore my mind. I just have to pay attention.

Something as simple as getting triggered because someone pulled out in front of me while driving is a perfect opportunity for me to look at my behaviors and shift them. Any time you get triggered you can pull your energy from the outside and go inward for growth. I think having a teacher/mentor is important because they can hold you accountable and help you see things that you can’t see from the inside. Unless a Guru is doing one-on-one work with you, he will just be feeding you with enlightening words that you will have to process through anyway.

If we look at one given day and look at the many ways we may contract during situations, we have plenty of data to do our work. Whether it is something simple like your husband ignoring you, your kids sassing you, your boss not recognizing you for the work you’ve done or your mother criticizing you, these are all great situations to check in with how your mind is seeing things. We have everything we need to do our work and grow, it’s just a matter of paying attention to how our mind is seeing things and shifting its perspective.

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