Can we raise boys to be good men? Raising Boys To Be Good Men

Learning how to be a good man first at Sedona Soul Retreats, might be a good start.

As parents or grandparents do we have a responsibility to teach boys certain things to guarantee they develop into good men? It’s funny because a friend of mine has 2 boys and I remember thinking how lucky she was not to be raising girls, like me. Now, when I think about the responsibilities of raising boys in this environment that we live in, it seems like a bigger task. I mentor teens and parents and I’m shocked at the lack of guidance there is around boys.

As parents you don’t just have the worry about getting a girl pregnant, you should be concerned with how he is learning how to honor and respect women. With the political situation the way it is today, I’m afraid that boys are learning more about using girls than respecting them.

This is a call out to anyone influencing young boys, whether it is parents, grandparents, educators, or mentors, we have to know our responsibilities to the boys, especially fathers or other male role models.

We need your help to raise up good, respectful boys. I challenge you to look at where you might have opportunities to influence a young boy. If you are thinking that I should also be addressing young girls, well, I do, with every blog that I write. It is mostly guiding teen girls. Even though I don’t market to boys or men, I see a fair amount of them and I know how important they are.

Here are some key points to raising conscious, respectful, self-aware boys.

Teach Them:

  • What the importance of a relationship is.
  • How special girls/women are.
  • How special people are.
  • How their behaviors affect the world.
  • How to communicate face to face.
  • How sacred sex is.
  • How to honor and treat girls with respect.
  • Ask them what they want in life and how they are going to achieve it.
  • Respect yourself!


These tips could also be directed at girls. I would have never thought that I would see such a gap between my daughters age 40 and teens, but there is. Possibly the biggest gap there has ever been. I believe parents and educators are totally baffled by what to do with educating teens on life skills because it feels like it has gone past the point of no return.

It’s going to take the conscious adults to get busy and guide these teens and for parents to start setting limits, even though none of the other parents are willing to. I feel like this is a serious matter and will only get worse if we don’t address it. So, I am hoping that anyone with influence will take a stand.

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