It’s isn’t easy to recognize who we really are without someone to bounce our self off of.Recognizing Who We Really Are With The Help of a Personal Retreat

I sat with a friend the other day and we were having a good conversation about either living in our ego or recognizing who we truly really are. Recognizing that we are spirit, pure love and living from that place is simply a practice. We are not going to be able to get up in the morning and go about our daily life without bringing our attention or intentions to living our life from a place of love.

When we live our life from an automatic place we end up falling into our ego minds. When we live from our ego mind it is from a place of fear. When we react from a fearful place it will not be from a loving place inside of us, and the people around us will not feel loved. This is why it is so important to slow down our lives and be intentional about coming from a place of love and not fear. When we come from a reactive fearful place and not a loving place, not only does it affect other people it affects us because we feel shame and guilt. If we feel shame and guilt, that is not feeling love for our self, so goes the cycle of not being able to live from who we truly are which is spirit or love.

The more I practice the better I get!

This last two weeks of my life have been filled with many events that have been so love packed that it is help to me live from who I truly am. There were also a couple of situations where my ego has sneaked in and created havoc and made me feel fearful. I think that this happens in our life where situations are going to happen that will activate our ego minds. The key to handling the situations are to recognize when our ego mind gets activated and to take action from a different place, which would be our true authentic self, which is love.

It’s not realistic to believe that you’re going to live on this planet at this moment without your ego being activated. It’s really what we do when this happens that is so important. It’s been such a great learning for me to recognize those moments and to act in a different way than just out of fear and drama and cause a big mess.

For me it’s easy to know when my ego is up because I don’t feel right in my body. As soon I recognize it and act from a more loving space I move myself back into alignment and feel differently in my body. I feel calmer, more at ease, more loving, more my true self.

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