Is saying no for self-care selfish?Saying No For Self-Care

Why is it so difficult for women to put themselves first? It is also very difficult for us to say no even when it’s good for us. It is so important for us to learn when to say no to take care of ourselves. We don’t know the instructions when we fly, if are flying with a child if something happens we are supposed to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and then the child. But in our day-to-day life we are always meeting others needs before our own. It is so easy to put off our self-care until we get overwhelmed or exhausted and then we don’t have the energy to take care of others who count on us. This is when we actually realize that we haven’t been caring for our self properly.

Will we be able to see that caring for ourselves isn’t selfish, it just makes sense? It makes more sense for me to put myself first so that I can show up for others in a more effective way. Putting yourself first means that you may have to say no to other people in order to say yes to you. Oddly enough if you take care of yourself and deny care to someone else you may feel very guilty. It’s important to let that part of us know that caring for ourselves is being loving to ourselves and to others.

Learning to say no when you know it doesn’t serve you is such a great learning. Most women who come to my spiritual retreats are in the process of learning to take care of themselves. Other ways that you can care for yourself besides just saying no are you small daily rituals like meditating, journaling, taking a bath at night, or just getting into bed early and reading. Just remembering how important it is for self-care, and knowing that if we are not taking care of ourselves that we are not showing up wholly or holy in our lives.

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