DSC03509Are you looking for the perfect retreat? Sedona is a great place to come for one because of the healing powers of the Red Rocks.It’s just a matter of picking a retreat that resonates with you. There are a lot of different spiritual retreats in Sedona, Arizona. Picking the one that is perfect for you could be challenging. First make a list of what you are looking for, then call different places up and interview them. Most people that come to my retreats say that they knew after my FREE consult that my retreat was the one for them.


Let’s look a few different ones!

 Here is a short list of just a few:

  • Individual or group
  • Intensive or rejuvenating
  • Alone or with your partner
  • Silent or interactive
  • Touching on core beliefs or going deeper and shifting them
  • Yoga

Let’s look at all of these factors and this might help you make a better decision on which one is right for you.

 Individual or Group

I have been in many group retreats and workshops, and, although they are great, they never seem to be sustainable. Some of my clients and myself have had similar experiences with group retreats. The experience is very powerful and you feel great when you leave, and then about a week later you always seem to slip back into your old patterns.

This is the main reason why I decided to create and facilitate individual retreats. With one-on-one attention we can get to the core issues faster and actually learn and practice the techniques to solidify the changes in you for sustainable results.

Aren’t sustainable results what we are looking for?

Are you tired of the same patterns resurfacing over and over in your life? Maybe you are looking to really get to know yourself at a much deeper level, to have a complete shift in perspective. An intensive would give you the space to really explore who you are. Are you looking to go deeper into your process and get results fast, that will last? This is not faint-at-heart!

The Sedona Soul Retrieval Retreats  are for you if you’re looking to unhook from life because your job, family, or health has taken a toll on you, and you’re looking to come and relax and recuperate. We live in a very high-stimulus world, and sometimes we just need peace and quiet.

My individual rejuvenating retreat is a great time to be alone, unhook from life’s pressures and be pampered through massage, meditation, time on the land, and other relaxing modalities. Spiritual retreats in Sedona, Arizona are known to help the healing process because of its sacred land.

Whether you do either of these retreats alone or with a partner, the results will be totally effective. In all of my retreats you will have moments of silence and interaction. Whatever your needs are, I can create your retreat to fit them.

People have been holding spiritual retreats in Sedona, Arizona because Sedona is known to activate the healing process, offering nurturing and embracing energy for the healing work of the heart. It is great for setting intentions, gaining clarity, and starting new ventures. No matter what your reasoning, it is likely that your spiritual journey will be deepened and you will connect to new and meaningful parts of yourself.


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