Higher learningHow do we stay out of the drama of life and take that drama and move into a place of higher conscious learning? First what is drama? Drama is conceived through getting wrapped up in a situation that happens instead of looking at why it is happening. Let’s say someone treats me with disrespect. If I lament about the situation and say things like,  “I can’t believe she did that to me, she is such a nut job, what is wrong with her, she must be crazy,” or I keep the thoughts circling in my head,  I am stuck in the drama of the situation. If I am stuck in the drama, I miss the higher learning.

The higher learning looks more like looking at what you have to learn from it,  your wound around it and your old belief system attached to it. Maybe when you were younger your family didn’t respect your rights and therefore when it happens in your adult life, it triggers you. Then you proceed to do your work around healing that wound and not buying into the old belief system. This opportunity will be completely lost if you stay in the drama of the event.

Tips To Stay Out Of The Drama

1. Recognize your triggers. Anytime you are not at peace, you are triggered.

2. Step out of the trigger and connect it to your wound as a child.

3. Look at your old belief around the wound.

4. Don’t buy into the old belief, know it’s a lie.

5. Create a new belief and sink into it’s truth.

It is going to be impossible to create happiness and peace if you are not aware of your childhood wounds, your old beliefs, and  how they make you react to certain situations. They key is getting to know yourself in a much deeper way.  Look at how your life is showing up for you and you can get a good picture of how strong your old beliefs are. They only way to shift an old belief is to know where it came from and not to buy into it.

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