When we step back and do our spiritual work first to get the answers, the answers will come from love and it usually is a win win situation.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the situation that it’s hard to get the answers we need while swirling around in the drama. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in this fight or flight and you can’t see the forest through the trees? This is what happens when we put our attention on the situation instead of going inside with our feelings.

Most of the time it takes us stepping outside of the situation, and just breathing to really see what’s going on. There are always signals whether it be mental, emotional or physical that let us know that we need to slow down, stop and look at what’s going on with inside and not the outside.

I find it impossible to figure things out when I am in the emotional drama of the situation. It’s only when I relax and check in with how I’m feeling, how that inner child is feeling and tend to those feelings before I can look at the outside situation with any maturity.

The first thing I do is to check in with that little girl and her feelings and then I hold her and validate those feelings. I also look at the old beliefs that are attached to those feelings and let her know that those old beliefs are simply not true. Whether it is that I’m not safe in the world, I’m not good enough or I’m not in control. When I have allowed the feelings to be there and nurtured that part of myself I notice a calm come in. It is only after I do this part that I can really look at any situation from my higher more mature self.

If you do not have a daily practice that reminds you to check in with this part of yourself daily, you will go on autopilot and just act out of that fight or flight place which is your ego mind. If we are acting out of that ego mind we will usually cause a bit of a shit storm.

If I’m in the habit of checking in with myself through my emotional body first I am more apt to not act out my frenetic ego mind that is in a panic. After I have calmed the emotional body down I will be able to make these decisions from a more peaceful place inside me.

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