How damaging is holding onto the past? The Damages of Holding onto the Past

Holding onto the resentment and regret of the past is like carrying all of our baggage around on our backs. It’s exhausting and a huge drain on our energy leaving us empty for the present moment. When we are constantly in the past with our angers, we cannot be fully alive in our present life. When we are clinging to old issues, we are not leaving space for something new and beautiful to grow and be created in its place.

We also know that our current life is created through our thoughts, so if we are always locked into our past we may create the same scenario again and again in our life. I’m not sure about you but I do not want to create the same issues or situations that I worked so hard to move through.

The key to moving through resentment and regret is forgiveness. One way of forgiving is to realize that we are all human and will make mistakes, including ourselves and have compassion for the human condition. Realizing that we are not perfect and that we have probably brought harm to our brother just as our brother has brought harm to us, helps us to forgive.

When we refuse to forgive we keep people locked in the space of our judgments and this energetically does damage to both of us. When we realize that their actions aren’t about us, they are more about their own woundedness, we are better able to have compassion for them and forgive.

Keeping our energy and our mind in the present helps us with our healing both emotionally and physically. When were able to do this we can be in a place of love and not fear. So I encourage you to look at all the places where you’re holding onto resentment and replay how you will let go and forgive and bring yourself into this present moment.

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