The Difficulties with Being with your FeelingsHow difficult is it for you to be with your feelings?

When we get triggered and feelings come up, our first reaction is to run from them and avoid them at all costs. The problem with this is that there is never healing done, the feelings just lay low until the next trigger. It is very difficult to just surrender and be with whatever feelings we are having. When we move away from what we were feeling they are just laying dormant in our minds and our bodies and this is when other health problems can arise. Rejecting what we are feeling can create problems in the future, which is why just allowing our self to be in the feeling no matter how frightening they seem to be, knowing it’s the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Our society trains us to hide and avoid our feelings and just pretend like everything is happy-happy.  Traditionally our culture has not supported being emotionally aware. But it is becoming clearer of the importance of feeling our feelings for our emotional and physical well-being.

It is really just a process of allowing our feelings to arise and bring our attention to our feelings, whether it be anger, sadness, anxiety, hopelessness or frustration, whatever the feeling is, allowing it to be there and being able to sit with it. Letting our tears flow and removing the mental story attached to the feeling and simply being with the feelings.

When we allow ourselves to feel our feelings fully they tend to dissipate a lot easier than when we continue to push them away. Don’t complicate the situation with why we are feeling this, or blaming someone else, these are all ways to avoid our feelings. Keep it simple by just being with the feeling and possibly going into the sensation in your body.

The deeper reason for us to move into the feelings inside of us and feel them is to transform what’s going on with us in our inner world. So it’s as simple as allowing our feelings to come up, being with the feelings, and then allowing the process to be transformed without having to know or be attached to what that looks like.

In all of my retreats, whether it be, the individual intensivemother-daughter, or the couples retreat you will learn how to sit and be with yourself, love yourself and replenish your spirit.

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