Are you stronger than we think or are you hanging on by a thread? We Are Stronger Than We Think

Just when we think we can’t take it anymore, life pushes us a little further and we come out the other end. We all have times in her life where we feel like we couldn’t possibly handle anymore and we can’t go on. Sometimes after just making it over a huge obstacle we find another one waiting for us. We barely have time to catch our breath before moving on to the next hurdle.

When I look back on the trials and tribulations of my own life I realize what a strong person I am. In this moment of looking back I have the opportunity of seeing these trials and tribulations as either tough times just to make it through or opportunities for growth. It is easy to become a victim when we look at how tough our lives are. If we don’t shift our perspective, how we see things, life can seem way too challenging.

In my Sedona retreat we actually use lives challenges to shift old beliefs to do our inner healing. It’s just a different way of looking at the hardships of life. The tougher the experiences are, the grander the opportunity will be to grow. If we choose to be victims through our hardships the opportunity for growth will be lost. It is only in our using life’s experiences that we will have the chance to heal.

If we are paying attention to every situation in the present moment a breakthrough will be more likely. If we are asleep in life tough things happen to us, we see our self as a victim, and so goes the vicious circle. Life will keep delivering us exactly what we need to do our healing so when we are asleep and not paying attention it will have to deliver the same lessons over and over again.

It is through all of these experiences that we gain strength and become more empowered. It would’ve been easy for me going through what I went through as a child and young adult to see life as cruel and way too hard to handle. And if I had that mindset I would have been a very disempowered person. It is only through seeing things as a chance to heal, which gave me the opportunity to become empowered.

This isn’t saying that life is a piece of cake. Life can be tough and we need to have compassion and loving-kindness for ourselves in each of these moments.

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