Is your Soul Evolving? What Does Evolution of the Soul Mean

When we actively work through our old beliefs and patterns we lighten the load of our souls so we can evolve. If you believe in past incarnations, you may feel like you are carrying the weight of all those past lives with you. When we rid ourselves of our fears, our limiting belief systems and the patterns that we are stuck in, it frees our soul to continue moving forward.

It seems as if some of the issues we face are easier to deal with because maybe they are on the tail end from a past life. Other issues can appear to be more challenging because either we have not been able to work through them or we have just begun to do our work on them. Our evolution is an ongoing process that may take many lifetimes. It may seem that we continue to work on the same issues over and over and seemed to make very little headway. It is a matter of accepting that we are doing the best we can with the situations and people and also accepting where we are.

We are always doing some amount of healing and releasing each time we circle around so that we can grow more to help our soul evolve. I notice sometimes that even though certain issues continue to surface some of them break easily and others don’t. We may not move through all of our patterns in this lifetime but just knowing that we are breaking them down to possibly make it easier the next lifetime is nice to know. The more we take an active role in the growth of our soul by doing this work, the more freedom you will have and less suffering.

I have learned throughout my lifetime that just surrendering to what is even though I am working through many patterns, allows me to have peace during the process.

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