Why Do We Have The Difficult Times in LifeThe difficult times in life, are just opportunities!

Every time something happens in my life that causes a constriction, the first thing I do is look at what my learning might be. I know how hard it is to maintain a positive attitude when things aren’t going our way. I know I used to believe that when bad things happen to me that God or Source didn’t love me. When things were going right for me I thought that maybe I had done something right and the universe was rewarding me.

Well those beliefs are long gone. I now know that it is through our tough times that we do our spiritual growth. God wants what’s best for us, which is our evolution; situations presented for our higher learning. Just as a young child, we do not benefit from getting everything we want, we benefit through difficulty because it helps us grow and learn. If we can remember this through those difficult times, the suffering won’t be as extreme.

The world is full of hardship and difficulty for a lot of human beings; we are not the only ones. The collective consciousness is shifting at a rapid pace and therefore can exacerbate whatever we are feeling. It does help to realize that the difficult times that we have are impermanent as well as the easy times. When we are feeling overwhelmed, letting ourselves know that this too will pass helps.

If your life has been full of nothing going right for a long period of time it’s not a bad idea to really examine your life and see if there’s changes that can be in made on a physical level to help. I always go inside first and look at my learning and do the healing necessary to shift my own beliefs and then I look at what I might be able to do on a physical level to shift things.

Just this week, my dryer, Jacuzzi, bathroom drain, vacuum and electrical circuit went awry, while I have been dealing with some physical issues as well. Now I could get pretty wiggy about all of this or I could go inside and look at what old beliefs I’m buying into about how I feel about it. Then of course I make the necessary calls to get things repaired and keep moving forward in my life.

These situations can either take me down or allow for growth in my life, my choice. I noticed when I don’t go inward when things like this happen I tend to go down the rabbit hole. So use these experiences as an opportunity to grow and evolve and no that this too will pass.

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