Are you living from a higher place in yourself? Working From The Higher Place In You

How do we stay centered incomplete chaos? When things are upside down in our life it’s tough to hear that inner voice that has all the wisdom. This is my meditation is so important, to be able to sit in silence, breathing, allowing that higher place in us to show up.

We know that our ego minds will keep us in the shadow side and that it is pretty constant. It’s our practice to move from our ego mind into that higher mind that knows the truth.

A practice that works for me is when my ego mind is talking I simply say “Thank you for sharing that that’s not how I see things.” By speaking these words I’m able to move out of my limiting beliefs into a new way of seeing things. The quicker I catch myself in my ego thinking, the better able I am to move into my higher mind. Once my ego mind gets on a roll it gains momentum and it is tougher for me to move out of it.

When I’m coming from a place of fear, which my ego mind is all about. The decisions that I make are not heart centered with compassion and love. My true self is love-based not fear. The retreats that I do with individuals, adult daughters and mothers, teen daughters and mothers and couples, teaches you how to be in our hearts with love not fear. You will leave the retreat with total understanding of how your ego mind works and how you operate from it, creating more fear in your life instead of more love.

All of us feel better when were coming from our heart space not fear. When we are coming from fear we may have anxiety sadness hopelessness or anger. It is okay to experience these because it’s a natural part of our life, but to live through these emotions keeps us in a suffering state.

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