Are you thinking about doing a Sedona retreat with your adult daughters, yourself or your partner?Sedona Retreats for Adult Daughters and Mothers

What happens with mothers and daughters through the teenage years when issues don’t get resolved in the best fashion? I know that the work I do with moms and their teenage daughters is extremely powerful for not just the relationship but also the way that the teen shows up in life. When there are unresolved issues throughout the teenage years, it can leak into the adult years and ruin the adult mother daughter relationship. I have had many adult daughters reaching out to me wanting to heal their relationship with their mothers.

The work I do with adult daughters as opposed to teenagers is completely different. Teenagers are still in the wounding pattern and not ready for healing. I can do amazing work with teenagers on helping with their self-esteem, how to manage their life, and how to negate the negative voice inside their head. When it comes to the work I do with the adult daughters and mothers, it is very advanced and goes very deep. This work will not only help them with the relationship with their mother but will also help them with all relationships in their life.

I just wrapped up an adult daughter and mother retreat that was so life changing. The daughter admitted that she was only coming because she thought her mother needed the work and not her. Here is her testimonial after the retreat.

When my mom signed us up for this retreat, I initially was only doing it for her benefit. I knew we had difficulty getting along, but I thought she was the one who needed to change in order to better our relationship. In just three days, however, I realized that was the furthest thing from correct. Debra really opened up my eyes to how we all contribute to every unhealthy relationship we have, and I started to see things differently with not only my mom but my whole outlook on life. There were times when I was skeptical of trying her method, but Debra was always calm and let me work at my own pace. When I didn’t understand the concept completely, she was able to explain things in a way that both my mom and I understood. The whole weekend was life changing and I recommend it for anyone who is interested in bettering their life in any aspect. Debra is an amazing person and very accommodating to every situation. Whether you are in a difficult spot or just want to learn more about yourself, I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t extremely benefit from this retreat.

– Darrian

The work that I do is extremely powerful and life changing. If you are looking for a Sedona retreat, whether it is for just yourself, you and your daughter, or you and your partner, Sedona Soul Retrieval is a great option for sustainable shifts.

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