What is the story about our worrying? What Are We Worried About and Why

When we worry we are in fear. We worry mainly because we feel out of control in our life. We may worry about the weather being good for an event we have planned or if we are going to get a promotion. The reality is this is something we can’t control. We have choices every day around these types of worries. We have all experienced worry in some form or another. And we all know the type of person that is a What If person, a habitual worrier. If we are worrying we are imagining a worst-case scenario.

Sometimes when we understand the insanity of worry and how we create it ourselves, it makes it easier to let go of control. I remember when I was younger I used to worry that when I was older I would get cancer, like my mother did. And then I remember being in my late 20s thinking what is all this worrying doing? Is this worrying going to stop me from getting cancer? Worrying about this didn’t ensure me not getting cancer. Most likely my fear around this concern will draw it to me.

Another reason we have worry or anxiety is not taking care of unfinished business. I remember when I needed to complete my living trust, and every time I would get on a plane and fly somewhere I would be filled with anxiety and worry. It’s always a good idea to take care of unfinished business like this so you can truly let go. If you’re able to take an action to relieve worry then do so. But if it is a worry that you have no control over, letting go is the best.

If you are a chronic worrier you are releasing chemicals in your body that stress out your system and lower your immune system, consistently. Worry creates stress and stress lowers our immune system and allows disease to come into our bodies.

My suggestion is to look hard at what you’re worried about. If the worry is something that requires action, and the worry would go away if you took action, then do so. If the worry is something you simply do not have any control over, then just imagine with that scenario the best possible outcome. When we worry we are thinking the worst can happen, so this is something we can change in our minds.

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