Why is the truth so scary? Why are People Afraid of the Truth

Not only are people afraid of telling the truth they don’t like to hear the truth. It’s amazing what people do to get out of being truthful. I get it; it’s difficult and uncomfortable. I just had a situation where I was getting to know someone, dating them and I came to a place where I knew it wasn’t yes, it was a no. It was very clear to me how I felt and yet there was still discomfort around telling him the truth. What came up for my little girl was that she doesn’t want to do something wrong and if you make someone feel bad, than she is making them fell bad. No one can make anyone feel bad; everyone is responsible for their own. So the first thing I do is get to my little girl and let her know she is not responsible for how other people feel and that we are allowed to speak your truth.

It’s critical to know what your little girl’s old beliefs are so when faced with emotions, you are able to figure them out and not act out. Most of the time when we are uncomfortable sharing our truth it is because we are buying into the belief system that is ego based.

We have all been in a place where we have a piece of truth that we were afraid to share because it wouldn’t land well on the other person. There have also been instances where we are not able to handle the truth coming at us. A perfect example of this on a small level is for the last two years my air conditioning repair guy has been telling me that I need a new unit, because my unit is 22 years old. I just didn’t want to hear this for obvious reasons, money. On a bigger level we may not want to accept that someone close to us is pushing us away.

It is almost always pretty clear to see things we don’t want to see if we choose to but we have a sneaky way of hiding the truth from our self, no matter how obvious it is.

We mostly avoid the truth because it scares us, makes us uncomfortable or angry and we don’t know what to do with it. Ultimately, there is no way to avoid the truth, so the sooner we are real with ourselves and look at it, the better we will handle the situation, the more authentic our relationship will be with herself and others.

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