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What Can You Do To Have a Happy, Fulfilling New Year?

Sedona RetreatsI think we need to look at the core reasons why we aren’t reaching our full potential. What is our Ego saying to us that will sabotage us? If we have unhealed wounds from our childhood and we still have trauma inside of us, our Ego will be running the show.
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Being Our Authentic Self!

Sedona RetreatsWhen we show up completely ourselves in the world, keeping it real, we offer the same to others. Most of us know what being authentic means and we know intuitively when were not being a real and when we are out of alignment.
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Happy Holiday from Sedona Soul Retrieval

Sedona RetreatsThe holiday season is here, and so is all of the joy and all of the chaos. The great part about the holidays is getting together with friends and family, shopping for special gifts, baking and just an all over warm and cozy feeling. The downfall of the holiday season is the triggers of friends and family, shopping in crowded malls, and all the baking. If not handled with care can feel like a pressure cooker. Those same things that give us joy also give us anxiety.
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Have You Experienced Jealousy?

Sedona RetreatsJealousy is such an odd emotion that we have all experienced probably numerous times in our life. Starting out when we were younger, having feelings of jealousy for siblings or wanting what another child has, leading into our teenage years possibly being jealous of our friends, then moving into our adult life, feeling jealous for not reaching certain successes that others have reached or just simply feeling a sense of yearning for a way of being in someone else’s life.
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How Do You Handle Reactive People?

Sedona RetreatsWhen we know our wounds and begin healing them, then and only then can we stop reacting out of them.  What I notice with people that don’t know themselves at this level, they get triggered often and then project their feelings onto you.
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The Beauty of Surrendering

Sedona RetreatsMost of us live in this world believing that we have to be in control to make things happen. It’s set up for us to believe that we are on our own and we have to do everything by ourselves.  If things work out for us and we appear successful, it’s because we made it happen.
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