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Why Would You Worry?

Sedona RetreatsDo you know how much you worry? Most people don’t even know that they spend a large portion of their day and worry. The way worry shows up in the body is anxiety.
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Learning How to Handle Change in a Mother Daughter Retreat

Sedona RetreatsOur growth depends on change and transformation.  Sometimes change in a situation or leading up to it are a source of total bliss, but more often change leave us with feelings of fear and discomfort.  Obviously there are certain situations that we are very excited to see change, these are not the ones that bring us fear although they can bring us amazing growth opportunities as well.
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Bringing Yourself Back to Center

Sedona RetreatsHave you noticed when you have too many things going in your life that you become off-centered? Your thoughts are completely scattered and not only are your thoughts going in too many different directions you are physically all over the place.
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Managing Difficult Times

Sedona RetreatsWhen our life gets difficult what do we do? Do we become overwhelmed and fall apart or do we look at this as an opportunity for some personal growth? It can be very tough to manage a positive attitude when challenging times hit us.  
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Harnessing the Power of Partnership

Sedona RetreatsWhen we go into partnership consciously we have the ability to create in a powerful way. All partnerships, not just romantic but creative or professional relationships, we have the ability to pool from each unique talent and ability.  Not because we are deficient but more because having two people create has more energy than one.
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About Me

It is through my 30 years of personal development that I have learned how to nurture and truly love myself. I have come to understand that each situation that is presented to me in life is an opportunity to get closer to myself, and to love and know myself deeper.

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