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How to Change Things That Aren’t Working in Your Life

Sedona RetreatsThe entire process in my personal retreats and mentoring have to do with changing your behaviors that don’t seem to be working for you in your life. If we continue to do the same things that aren’t working for us, we will continue to have our life play out the same way.
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How Old Beliefs Play Out in our Lives

Sedona RetreatsDoes your mother or daughter bring the wounded parts of you up to the surface? There are a few old beliefs I have noticed that play out regularly in most people’s lives. Here are two that I see often: I’m not good enough and I’m always doing something wrong.
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Why is it so Hard to Rely on Others?

Sedona RetreatsI grew up having to care for myself because I had parents that were not emotionally available to care for them selves let alone me. I actually prided myself on being self-sufficient and strong. Because of my childhood it set me up to have a hard time asking for help, even when I desperately needed it. Unfortunately, we all need assistance sometimes.
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Being Fulfilled Through Alone Time

Sedona RetreatsIt is easier for us to move through the difficulties of our life when we give ourselves enough alone time to figure things out. When our own physical and spiritual needs are met we have the ability to show up in our lives with greater ease.
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What Does Evolution of the Soul Mean?

Sedona RetreatsWhen we actively work through our old beliefs and patterns we lighten the load of our souls so we can evolve. If you believe in past incarnations, you may feel like you are carrying the weight of all those past lives with you.
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It is through my 30 years of personal development that I have learned how to nurture and truly love myself. I have come to understand that each situation that is presented to me in life is an opportunity to get closer to myself, and to love and know myself deeper.

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